5 Things To Know Before Your First Lagree Class (From A Fellow Beginner)

I recently got the urge to shake up my workout routine. I’d found my groove recently, but after being consistent for about 18 months, I was craving something new. The perfect opportunity came when I was spending time with a friend, and she mentioned how fun it would be to go take a fitness class together. I wholeheartedly agreed, so we did some research to figure out something neither of us had tried before. Enter: Lagree. I had been following my local studio for a while on social media, so we decided to take the plunge and give it a try!

Showing up to anything new can be intimidating, especially when it involves a scary-looking machine and a group full of veterans who already know the ropes. I’m very much still a beginner, but I wanted to share 5 things to know before going to your first Lagree class in case you’re looking to experience this one-of-a-kind, low-impact, high-intensity workout for yourself!

1. Arrive Early

No, seriously. Show up at least 15 minutes early. You’ll likely be welcomed with open arms and given a quick tutorial on how to safely use the Megaformer, the machine used in the Lagree method. Although it looks a little menacing, it’s pretty straightforward when you get the hang of it! It looks like a long, black coffee table with a stationary platform on each end and a larger, mobile platform in the middle called the carriage. The carriage can be moved from end-to-end at varying resistance levels which you can change yourself using springs. At each end of the machine, you’ll find an assortment of handles, pulleys, and bungees you’ll use throughout class in various ways. Feeling oriented on your machine will definitely alleviate some of your stress.

2. Grippy Socks Are A Must

Most studios sell them, but you can also grab a pair beforehand to have with you if you want to be extra prepared! They are meant to help you keep your footing when standing up on the Megaformer. Plus, it definitely feels a little more sanitary given how many feet are on those machines every day. You’ll find grippy socks in a myriad of colors and lengths, and I even snagged a few recently with funny sayings. My current favorite pair says “Crying and Trying”, and some days, that really is the vibe.

3. Check Your Ego At The Door

Lagree is hard. Like… really hard. I think this is because it is so different from any other type of workout. No matter your fitness level, you’re going to feel challenged on the Megaformer. Your muscles are going to shake. You’re going to feel the burn. And you might even question your sanity. The Lagree method focuses on slow, controlled movements without any sort of momentum to rely on. The slower you go, the more effective the exercise is going to be. It’s distinctly different than traditional strength training, cardio, or even pilates. Despite moving slow (and sometimes not at all), you can expect to break a sweat pretty quickly. I’m usually there by the end of the warm-up!

As challenging as it may be, don’t be intimidated! There are modifications and success options for everyone at every level. As you get stronger, you can always challenge yourself to take the more advanced option, but don’t feel like you have anything to prove to anyone except yourself. Take tiny breaks as you need them (they aren’t built into the class), and focus on doing your best.

4. Don’t Stress About the Names of Moves

I’m sure this happens to everyone starting out, but I spent a lot of time my first few classes feeling overwhelmed because I didn’t know what the heck a Mega Catfish or Scrambled Eggs were. Fear not! The instructors are totally there for you. They might mention the names, but they will also prompt you with where to place your hands and feet in relation to the numbers printed on the Megaformer. It kind of feels like a wild game of Twister at first, but you’ll get the hang of it!

5. Give It a Few Tries Before Deciding Whether Or Not It’s For You

After my first class, I was so overwhelmed. It was hard, and fun, and confusing? Thankfully, my initial trial was a 3-pack of classes, so it encouraged me to venture back. I’d say after about 5 classes, I started to get a little more familiar with how the class structure works and the moves themselves. Once I was past that, I was hooked. I ended up falling in love and continuing my membership at the studio to sprinkle in some Lagree with the rest of my fitness routine. I definitely recommend giving it a few tries before deciding if it’s for you or not.

Overall, I have found Lagree to be the icing on the cake of my fitness endeavors. I enjoy strength training, indoor cycling, golf, and walks, and Lagree has definitely helped my performance in all of these things. I’m so impressed with the improvement in my core strength, and I’ve noticed less back pain after playing golf. The post-class endorphins after a job well-done are also priceless. Whether you’re a fitness junkie or just dipping your toe in, if Lagree something you’ve been curious about, I’d highly recommend giving it a try!

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