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We have officially hit the 1-year mark of being in our home! The build process was a wild ride, and even though there a few more challenges to work through (yes, even 1 year later), we love our house! The best part so far has been curating the interior to be something that is functional, homey, and beautiful! It’s still far from finished (I’m definitely taking my time), but I wanted to share some of the things we’ve purchased over the past year to begin making it feel like home!

Frame TV

This is one of the first purchases we made! I knew I didn’t want a television being an eyesore on our fireplace, because it’s a bit of a focal point. However, we love having one available to watch sports while people are over. The frame is the perfect compromise because it’s like a sneaky little piece of customizable art. I love changing out the display to match the season or my mood.

The Frame comes in a variety of sizes, and you can pick the trim color to match your space. It hangs flush against the wall, so it can easily blend in or stand out depending on where you put it.

Wine Fridge

We did quite a bit of research to find the perfect wine fridge for us. This one hit the mark on price and dependability. Our collection of fine wine is growing, so we wanted to make sure we found a unit that would keep them safe and sound until it’s time to enjoy a bottle!

Dining Table

After much deliberation, we settled on a round pedestal table. (Our 60 inch table isn’t available currently, but you can still get the smaller version here.) Given the shape of our dining nook and the light fixture we chose, I wanted something round to complement the space. I also wanted it to made of a material that would contrast with the wood floors and that would stand the test of time, so I chose something a little out of the box… concrete! The exact one we purchased is no longer in stock, but I’ve linked a very similar one here that comes in a few sizes. The concrete is coated and holds up well to spills and other messes. Beware though! It is not a one (or even two) person job to move it. I’d highly recommend phoning some friends to help you set it up, because it is HEAVY.

Dining Chairs

I will be the first to admit that it’s a little ridiculous how much I paid for these chairs considering they are made out of recycled plastic… BUT I cannot tell you how lovely they are. First of all, they are beautiful. They mimic our light fixture and add the perfect unique touch to our table. They are ultra light, but very sturdy, and all my guests have raved about how comfortable they are. They come in lots of colors, and they are stackable too which comes in handy if I need to mop the floors. Keep an eye on them to go on sale, because they are the perfect marriage of form and function!

Bedroom Furniture

After visiting Japan for the first time in October 2022, Rob and I were obsessed with low-profile furniture. I found this beautiful bed with build in nightstands and it is the perfect focal point in our primary bedroom. Each nightstand has a single, soft-close drawer to stow away nighttime necessities, and a hidden route to charge your gadgets. We also got the 6-drawer dresser to go along with it and we have been so impressed with the quality of both pieces! The customer service from the retailer was also top-notch, as we had to reach out with the unfortunate news that our headboard had been damaged in shipping. They sent us a whole new unit and threw in assembly for free!

Brooklinen Sheets

Creating a comfy, hotel-bed experience at home was very important to me, and finding the perfect sheets was part of that. We had purchased sheets from Brooklinen in the past, and we loved the percale fabric for hot summer nights. This go around, we opted for their luxe sateen fabric and they are even better. We’ve had them right at a year now, and they have held up to wear and tear so well! They get better and better with every wash, and I love the little labels inside that tell you if you’re holding the long side or short side. 

Bar Stools

I had these barstools in my cart for almost a year before I purchased them. I was mostly hung up on the price, but I just couldn’t get over how beautiful they are and how perfectly they would fit in our kitchen. Once I caught them on sale, I couldn’t help myself. They pop so well against my dark blue island, and I am thrilled with how sturdy and comfortable they are. They are available in two heights and finishes, and are actually outdoor stools, so they are meant to withstand the test of time.

Buffet Cabinet

This buffet cabinet is another purchase I waited about a year to decide on. I was completely in love with the geometric design on the front. I stalked this buffet cabinet for our dining room until a sale rolled around and decided to go for it. It’s made of solid wood, which was a must for me, and the top is made of marble which makes for a great little bar if we need the extra space. It’s also got soft close doors and shelving on the inside to keep all your goods organized.

That’s all for this post! As always, thanks for reading along and for your support shopping any commissionable links in this post. Your support means so much, and I really appreciate you being part of this little community!

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