My Morning Skincare Routine

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Ahhh skincare… One of my favorite ways to start AND end the day. Over the past few months, I’ve been sticking to the same routine and my skin is in a really happy place. I want to share what I’m using in case you’re looking for something new to try! Plus, I love trying new products, and I think it’s so fun to see what works for others! In this post, I’ll just be highlighting my morning skincare routine, but I plan to share my nighttime routine soon!

Just a quick note- skincare is very personalized and everyone has different goals, so please keep that in mind! Just so you’re aware, I have really dry skin that can be sensitive sometimes if I let my moisture barrier fall by the wayside. This has progressively gotten worse over the past couple years, so I try to keep it simple and be mindful of what’s in the products I use to avoid anything that could cause a flare up. I love hydrating products that won’t strip my skin of all the goodness it already has!

Step 1: Cleanse

I use the award-winning cleanser from Youth to the People. It’s gentle, but very effective in sweeping away all the product leftover from my nighttime routine. It comes in a glass bottle like most of their other products, and you can get a jumbo size exclusively at Sephora. I use a dime-size amount in my hand twice a day, and my current bottle has lasted about 9 months! I still have about a quarter left as well! It’s meant to be used for all skin types, so if you’re on the hunt for a new cleanser, this is worth a try!

Alternatively, if my skin is feeling extra sensitive, I switch to this ultra-gentle cleanser from Krave. It’s very similar to my everyday cleanser, but is great for those with skin than is easily irritated. I highly recommend this brand if you haven’t given them a try yet. Each product is super affordable, and I really enjoy the entire line.

Cleansing is a step that is often rushed through, but I typically spend about 45-60 seconds working it into a lather with warm water and giving myself a little facial massage. I clench my jaw a lot at night, so working those muscles and helping them relax is a real treat to start my day.

I wash off the cleanser thoroughly with cool water soothe any inflammation I might have, as well as wake me up feeling nice and refreshed!

Step 2: Treat

After my face is squeaky clean, I gently pat it dry and apply 5-7 drops of my favorite vitamin C serum from Obagi. I will apply the drops to my fingers (never touch a dropper with your face or your hands!), rub my hands together, and gently press it into my face, neck, and chest until it’s fully absorbed.

I have been using vitamin C serum over the past 2 years to reduce redness around my nose, help with texture, and even out my skin tone. Since it is an antioxidant, it also serves as a protector for my skin by increasing cell turnover and keeping my skin looking glowy and fresh.

On a nerdy note, I know that vitamin C is not a very stable chemical and breaks down fairly quickly. That’s why I trust the product from Obagi. It comes in a dark blue vial to protect it from light which breaks down and inactivates vitamin C! It’s the only part of my morning routine I’m willing to splurge on because I want a product I can trust that won’t break down before I get to utilize all the benefits.

If you haven’t used a vitamin C serum before, it can be a little irritating at first. I’d definitely recommend starting with the lowest concentration. I started with the Obagi 10% solution, and I now use the 15% solution with no problem!

About 2-3 time per week, I will also use a chemical exfoliator. I am a fan of this AHA toner that is also from Krave beauty. It’s gentle enough to use daily, but I find that a few times a week is perfect my skin! I just dab a little on a reusable cotton round and swipe it across my face to remove any buildup from makeup, oil, and pollution.

Step 3: Moisturize

For a moisturizer, I want something light and no-nonsense. I recently bought the Superfood Air Whip Moisture Cream

from Youth to the People. It’s got a gel cream type of consistency. It’s pretty watery, but it’s simple and a great first layer for makeup application. Because it’s so light, this is a great spring and summer moisturizer. I’d probably switch to something heavier in the winter though.

Step 4: Protect

This is THE most important step of your entire skincare routine. I don’t have a ton of time in the mornings, so I like to keep my routine quick and simple. Using an SPF moisturizer is one way I do that! My go-to for several years has been the facial sunscreen from EltaMD. It’s really popular and contains zinc oxide, a physical sunscreen that is the ultimate broad-spectrum sunscreen active ingredient. This is an ingredient you definitely want in your sunscreen. I have a whole blog post on sunscreen ingredients if you’re looking to learn more on the topic. Unlike a lot of physical sunscreens, this formula doesn’t have a white cast, and it layers really well under makeup. The also have a sheer tinted formula that works great for no-makeup days.

I am currently trying out a new mineral sunscreen from Supergoop! So far, I really enjoy it! It has a very fluffy texture, so I was worried about how it would layer under makeup. It works very well as a primer though, and it has a SPF rating of 40! I snagged it on sale during the most recent Sephora Spring Savings event and I’m almost ready for another bottle!

For extra protection, I also carry this zinc oxide powder stick from SuperGoop! It behaves a lot like a setting powder, so it’s really easy to apply over makeup without messing it up. I also love to use it on my hair part to keep it from burning as well! It’s not a liquid product too which I love, because it makes it super travel-friendly!

Do we share the same love for any of the products I listed? Do you have any holy grail products you use that I need to know about? Tell me everything in the comments below! And as always, thanks for being here and reading along.

Note: this post contains affiliate links that earn a commission when you use it to make a purchase!

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