4 Podcasts I’m Loving Lately

Whether I’m in the car, cleaning the house, or cranking out some notes in clinic, you can find me listening to a podcast. They teach me things, help me pass the time, make me laugh, and keep me up to date on current events. Since I spend so much time listening these days, I’m always on the hunt for recommendations, so I wanted to share what I’ve been listening to lately in case your podcast queue is looking a bit short as well. I’m listing few of my current favorite podcasts below!

1. The Popcast with Knox and Jamie

The Podcast with Knox and Jamie via knoxandjamie.com

I discovered The Popcast through my good friend Heather at Heather’s Dish. We have a very similar sense of humor and she was spot on with her recommendation. As the title suggests, it’s a pop culture podcast that “educates you on the things that entertain but do not matter.” They currently have over 400 episodes, and when I started listening I loved it so much I went back to the very beginning to binge through every episode that was still available.

The Popcast comes out once per week, but they offer tons of exclusive content on Patreon where you can become a “Friend of the Show” as well if that’s not enough for you. They cover all sorts of happenings in pop culture including movies, books, tv shows, and they have helped me find a lot of content I wouldn’t have found otherwise. They also have funny series like “The NOs of ______”, “The More You Know”, and my personal favorite, “Flavortown”.

I really love lighthearted content, podcasts included, and the Popcast makes me laugh A LOT. I’m talking giggle until my eyes water and my cheeks hurt from smiling. The hosts are both hilarious in their own way, and I love their witty banter. They are so fun to follow on social media, and it’s a podcast I look forward to every single week.

2. Skimm This

Skimm This via The Skimm

This is one of those podcasts I’m not sure how I lived without. It’s a weekly 1-hour podcast that sums up all the biggest headlines in the news to keep you up to date and in the loop in the simplest way possible. They break down even the most complicated of topics in a way that’s minimally biased and easy to understand. I’m not a huge fan of the news, because it’s a lot of negative content that I don’t usually have the energy to consume every day. However, I do not want to be ignorant to what’s going on in the world. Skimm This does a great job of giving me the gist, and helps me work smarter, not harder to stay abreast of current events. If there’s something they don’t cover in depth enough for me, I can always look more into it on my own!

They frequently interview experts on subjects they cover, and I’m always so impressed with how well they explain things in a short amount of time. In one of my favorite segments, they cover listener-requested topics in 60-seconds or less! They also have a daily newsletter I’m subscribed to that is a quick and to-the-point news update as well. If you are in need of a simple and succinct news source, then you’ll love Skimm This.

3. Against The Odds

Against The Odds via Wondery

This series is another favorite of mine, and covers thrilling stories of overcoming adversity. Each season contains 4-6 episodes and dives deep into famous historical events, including the soccer team in Thailand who was rescued by cave divers, the most infamous climbing accident in history, a kidnapping of an American humanitarian in the Somali desert, and many more.

These were all stories I’ve read briefly about, but to hear it in more detail in a way that feels like an audiobook narrative is so fascinating. The last episode in each season usually includes an interview with a person who was involved in the events discussed or an expert researcher or author who can help bring some perspective to the story. If you love history, adventure, and thrillers, you’ll love this series!

4. Even The Rich

Even The Rich via Wondery

I love this one for so many reasons! Each season, the two hosts highlight a different icon in pop culture, from Beyonce to the Kennedys. They recap their lives and chat about how they came to be the people we all know today. It’s entertaining, but I also have learned so much about the celebrities they cover. You can tell that each story was well-researched and isn’t just celebrity gossip.

I think the hosts are probably my favorite parts. They do such a great job of sucking you into the story, and it truly seems like they are having such a great time.

That wraps up my current list of go-to shows! You can subscribe to them by clicking their cover art above! Did I mention one of your favorites? Are there any podcasts on your list that I need to try? Let me know in the comments! And as always, thanks for reading!


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