The Simple Spring Cleaning Checklist

When spring is around the corner I always get the itch to do a deep clean of our home and purge the things we don’t need. It’s not a difficult task, and the outcome is so rewarding. The hardest part is just getting started! This year, I wanted to make a game plan to encourage me to finally stick to my intentions. I also figured I couldn’t be the only one who struggles with this seemingly daunting task, so below I’m sharing my spring cleaning checklist so we can tidy our homes together!

Getting Started

To begin, I thought about two things: what I wanted to achieve and how much time I was willing to spend each day cleaning. I’m a busy gal with a full-time job, so I don’t have all day at home to spend scrubbing every surface with a toothbrush. I made it a goal to keep each task simple and something I could achieve within an hour or less.

There are, however, some projects in my home that I knew would take much longer than an hour. I decided to pick 3 larger projects and save them for a Saturday when I knew I’d have some extra time to complete them. This year I’m choosing to clean out our garage, organize our guest bedroom that has turned into a catch-all, and tidy up our back patio to prepare it for spring and summer. Sundays will be reserved for rest (or catching up on what I missed during the week).

Last, I decided to create designated spaces for things to donate and sell. As I clean out rooms, I wanted to have a temporary place to store those items that is out of the way. I felt this would also make it easier for me to photograph items in preparation to sell online once my spring cleaning project is complete.

The Simple Spring Cleaning Checklist

I decided to create a mix between a calendar and a checklist so that it was flexible, but still goal-oriented. I’m breaking it down by tasks to accomplish each week. Monday-Friday will outline various tasks to accomplish (in no particular order), and then Saturdays will be devoted to one of my top 3 larger to-dos I mentioned earlier. I’ll use Sundays to rest (or catch up on the things I missed during the week).

Feel free to print this list to keep track of everything!

Please note: this is meant to be a guideline for you! I realize this is not a one-size-fits-all post. If something on the list doesn’t apply to you, feel free to substitute it with another task that makes sense for you! For example, I don’t have children at the moment, so playrooms and nurseries aren’t really on my radar right now. Also, don’t feel pressured to complete the tasks in the order they are written. You can mix it up, but I’d encourage you to stay within that particular week’s list since I created a general theme for each week.

Week 1: Monday-Friday

This week is dedicated to a good, basic clean of your main living areas Nothing too crazy, just an intentional time to start this process fresh!

Tidy Up
  • Take a moment to straighten up high-traffic areas and remove clutter
  • Don’t get lost in cabinets or closets- just focus on open areas you see every day
  • Give all your shelves a good wipe-down
  • Don’t forget ceiling fans, crown molding, and light fixtures too!
  • Be sure to move furniture like couches and beds so you can get underneath
  • Take a mop to any tile or other hard floor finishes you have, and wipe down those base boards!
Clean Out the Fridge
  • Toss expired food and wipe down shelves and drawers
  • Start a shopping list for your next grocery run
Clean Windows and Mirrors
  • Take the screens out of yours windows and rinse them off
  • Make all your windows and bathroom mirrors shine

Saturday: Project #1

Week 2: Monday-Friday

This week’s theme is still cleaning, but we’re taking it to the next level to get in all those nooks and crannies! Probably the least fun, to be honest, but SO satisfying.

Scrub the Kitchen Sink and Clean Oven
  • Wipe down the sink thoroughly and clean the garbage disposal
  • Take the time to clean your oven and wipe down your cooktop, coffee maker, microwave, and any other small appliances
Wipe Down Kitchen Drawers and Cabinets
  • Take everything out of each cabinet and wipe down the shelves
  • Donate any items you no longer utilize and toss broken or mismatched pieces
Wipe Down Bathrooms
  • Disinfect toilets, sinks, and countertops
  • I always clean my shower last so I can rinse off when I’m finished!
  • Toss bath mats and towels in the laundry
Clean Laundry Room
  • Wipe down the washer and dryer, and be sure to empty the lint trap and give it a good cleaning!
  • Move your machines out to check for any missing socks and take a vacuum to the floor usually hidden underneath
Disinfect Your Gadgets
  • Wipe down phones, laptops, TV remotes, and other gadgets
  • Don’t forget to clean your fitness tracker as well!

Saturday: Project #2

Week 3: Monday-Friday

Now that your house is most likely pretty spotless, it’s time to focus on the details. This week’s theme is organization!

Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet
  • Toss out expired medications and cosmetics
  • Rinse out old cosmetic bottles and recycle as you’re able to
Organize Your Pantry
  • Toss any expired food, and separate unwanted (not expired) food to donate to your local food bank
  • Group similar items together like snacks, baking necessities, and spices
  • Make sure you can see everything so it’s less-likely to go to waste
Tidy Up Bedside Table
  • Remove any unnecessary items that serve no purpose for your bedtime routine
  • Grab that book you’ve been meaning to read and place it on top so you’ll remember to finally start it!
Organize Seasonal Items
  • Group them together by holiday or season, and toss any unwanted items in your donate pile
  • Choose an out-of-the-way space to store them
  • Wash and store gloves, hats, and scarves. Gather any coats that need dry cleaning
Clean Out Linen Closet

Saturday: Project #3

  • Take everything out and wipe down the shelves
  • Toss anything that you don’t use or need, and avoid using this space as a catch-all

Week 4: Monday-Friday

I saved all my favorites for last! Each of these tasks are ones I don’t do often enough, but they are absolutely *chef’s kiss*.

Tidy Up Your Tech
  • Organize your desktop shortcuts, delete unwanted apps from your phone’s home screen, turn off notifications that drive you crazy, and unsubscribe from all those marketing e-mails clogging your inbox
  • Back up your phone to the cloud or your computer and keep your data safe
File Documents
  • Organize loose documents and place them in corresponding folders
  • Label folders and keep them in a filing cabinet or file box
Wash Bedding
  • Throw your sheets, duvet cover, mattress pad, and any other bedding in the wash
  • If you have time, refresh your guest bedroom linens as well!
Clean Out Your Car
  • Take it to the car wash and vacuum out the interior
  • Wipe down the dash and other hard surfaces
Wrap Up
  • Gather up all items to donate or recycle and take them to the appropriate organizations
  • Take photos of items you wish to sell online and prep them to post

You made it! hopefully you’re walking into April feeling like you’ve *somewhat* got it together. Spring cleaning is a little bit of work, but I know when my home is tidy, it clears my mind and leaves room for me to enjoy other parts of my life. Congrats on sticking it through, and thanks for following along!

If you like these kinds of posts, check out my post about productivity here! As always, thanks for reading, and thanks for being part of this community!

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