What I’m Loving Lately // March 2020

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It’s been a couple (or 6) months since I last posted a roundup of things I’m loving. You can read the most recent one here! With everyone being in a funk due to the current situation known as COVID-19, I thought I’d bring them back! I want to share the things that have been bringing me some sort of joy over the past few weeks in an effort to hopefully spark a little joy in your day too! Keep reading for a curated and totally random list of what I’m loving lately.

Casual spring outfit

Wireless Charging Pad

First up is this wireless charging pad I found on amazon. I was so excited to finally find one that wasn’t so… ugly. We had just purchased our new bedside tables which have built-in charging, and I wanted a way to easily charge our gadgets at night without the cluttery mess of wires all over the place. These are under $20, beautiful, and come in several colors to match your decor or your phone!

New Cookbook

Okay, confession. We haven’t cooked anything out of this cookbook yet, but it looks so PRETTY on my kitchen counter! It was a gift from this past Christmas, and with all the extra time at home lately, I finally found a place for it! Rob and I took a look through it the other day and got really excited. It’s filled with such great tips and tricks for a complete and total amateur like myself, but more importantly, all the recipes are created for two people! There are 650 recipes from breakfast to dessert, so we plan to get cooking really soon!

Rothy’s Sneakers

If you know me, you know I am already an avid lover of all things Rothy’s. They’re high-quality, eco-friendly, and machine-machine washable shoes! I bought my first pair over a year ago, and they’ve been on my feet almost every day since. When we were preparing for our trip to Japan, I realized I needed an extra pair of shoes that were easy to slip on and off! Thankfully, it was a great excuse to venture into a different silhouette. My first pair was “The Point”, which are feminine, chic, and can even be dressed up. For my second pair, I wanted something with more of a casual vibe, so “The Sneaker” was the perfect fit! Just like my original pair, there was no “break-in” period. They wash so easily and come out looking sparkly white! The only downside is the price, but I can stand behind the investment. If you’d like to take the plunge, you can take $20 off your very first pair by clicking here.

Floral Earrings

I have been enjoying my Rocksbox subscription way more than I ever imagined. Never have I been a fan of jewelry. I wore the same thing every day except for special occasions, but I love that Rocksbox has brightened up my jewelry box and encouraged me to mix things up! I never would have picked these floral statement earrings for myself, but I love the sweet and spring-y touch they add to a look. If you want to try the service for free, you can get your first month of Rocksbox for FREE with the code PRETTYBUTWITTYXOXO at checkout!

Face Cleansing Brush

This gadget has been one of my tried and true skincare staples since I was 16 years old! Last year, my original brush finally bit the dust (RIP). My grandma, who is also a skincare junkie, gifted me with the latest model as a birthday gift. It is just as incredible as my original, except it comes with a few high-tech gadgets like Bluetooth capabilities, a longer battery life, and more brush heads to choose from! It has been a lifesaver during this stressful time to help get the hospital gunk off my face, remove my makeup, and gently exfoliate my skin.

A few other things bringing me joy lately are more quality time at home with my husband, the fact that we found TP at the grocery store on our last run (ha), and the opportunity to focus on things I’ve been putting off FOREVER like reading, furnishing our home, and working out just because it feels good. Though I’m seeing the scary parts of this pandemic at work, I’m grateful for the perspective shift it has given me. I hope all of you are hanging in there. I love being #alonetogether with you! What’s been bringing you joy lately? Tell me in the comments below.


This post contains affiliate links that help provide me with a teeny tiny commission at no extra cost to you. Anything earned is poured back into resources that help me create more content for YOU! Thank you for your support!

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