25 Gifts for Mom & 25 Gifts for Dad

Ohhhhh what a Monday! I’ve got a double dose of holiday cheer today with 25 gifts for mom and 25 gifts for dad! Sometimes parents can be so hard to shop for… How are you supposed to find a gift for the people who have given you literally everything?? Hopefully today I’ll help you check them off your list with items I hand picked for each of them!

Let’s start with mom! I’ve picked out several types of gifts in all different price ranges, so they’ll be perfect for any mom and any budget. I always try to get something to spoil my mom that she wouldn’t buy for herself. I tried to keep this in mind when shopping for these items. My favorites are this weekender bag (since we travel to see each other a lot now) and this silk pillowcase so she never has to worry about bedhead ever again (they’re honestly life-changing)!



I receive a small commission when you click the links in this post.
And now for dad! My dad is so easy to buy for. He’s pretty sentimental so I always try to make it personalized and special for him. He deserves some spoiling too though, so I splurge on him when I can. He actually lives up in Montana, so my mind always goes to cold weather gear because I know he will use it! Here is what I’ve rounded up for all the dads out there. I’m really excited about the smart watch! It’s such a nice-looking piece and it’s even more functional than you can imagine. Check out the specs by clicking directly on it!

I receive a small commission when you click the links in this post.



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