25 Gifts for Your BFF

Thanks for stopping by to take a peek at Day 2 of my gift guide series! Today I’m focusing on items that are perfect for the friend in your life that you couldn’t live without. You know, the person who tags you in ridiculous memes on Facebook at least every other day and tells you when your pants are unzipped because that’s what real friends do? The person who “gets you” like no one else does, but also has an arsenal of embarrassing photos of you on their phone? Well, the holidays are a great time to show your best friend how much they mean to you, so here’s a few things that will do the trick when a gift card just won’t cut it! Let me know which items are your favorite in the comments below. Happy shopping!


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  1. Everyone needs a good pair of fuzzy slippers, and these bad boys will definitely do the trick! They are SO soft, and they’re 40% off right now!
  2. So I was late to the game when it came to trying high quality hair products, but this dry shampoo  has been a game changer for me! It has a matte finish, adds volume, and extends my style just a liiiiittle bit longer. It also smells amazing!
  3. Everyone is (im)patiently waiting for their iPhone X to arrive, so snag this pretty case to protect that $1200 gadget and turn it into the perfect accessory!
  4. Whether you’re a yogi or a complete beginner, this yoga mat is sure to be popular at your next class. If your friend is a beginner, I think it would be fun to roll up a voucher for a yoga class in it so you could go together!
  5. Utility jackets are such great piece to add to any wardrobe. I love this one in the blush pink color, but it also comes in white and olive green! It’s lightweight and great for layering.
  6. For a friend who’s a bit more glam, try opting for this criss cross ring. Every time someone compliments her on it, she’ll think of you!
  7. I cannot get over how cute this watch is. Look at the tiny bow dial! I might just have to get one for myself. It’s a bit of a splurge, but it’s high quality cuteness we’re talking about here.
  8. If she already has tons of jewelry, give her a cute place to display it! This arrow necklace organizer is an attractive way to keep all her baubles organized.
  9. These silky soft pajamas are so pretty. They’re perfect for your friends who like to come over for wine night!
  10. I have several friends who swear by this manicure set. You can give your friend salon quality mani for half the cost in the comfort of her own home!
  11. For your music loving friend, snag one of these turntables so she can listen to the new T-Swift album on vinyl!
  12. These initial keychains are a deal at just $6, so they’d be great stocking stuffers for your entire squad!
  13. Okay, I know this stuff looks like something out of one of those makeup sets you used to play with at slumber parties when you were a kid, but I can attest to the fact that this stuff is ah-mazing. In the tube, this lipstick appears green, but when you put it on it changes to the perfect shade of neutral pink to match your skin tone!
  14. It’s a friendship bracelet all grown up! Your friend will have a pretty reminder of you with her all the time. It’s available in silver, gold, and rose gold.
  15. It’s a blanket scarf with her name on it! Well, her initial at least. It’s available in 2 colors palettes and the monograming is free and completely customizable!
  16. Who wouldn’t love a glittery water bottle? I carry a bottle with me at all times, so it might as well be cute!
  17. These ball drop earrings come in 6 different colors! They would add a cute touch to a simple outfit. They are really affordable too, so you could snag some for all your pals!
  18. Okay, so I was confused when I saw this thing, but it’s actually pretty cool! It’s a travel razor that holds water, a pre-shave bar, and 2 razor blades! I think it’d be perfect for traveling or to throw in a gym bag.
  19. This neon sign is a great reminder for your friend to keep getting on with her bad self.
  20. Have you ever invited your best friend over and you end up just taking naps? Well, this blanket is perfect for her!
  21. As a member of team #shorthairdontcare, I respect a hair accessory that works for all hair lengths. This little hair pin is interesting and works for any length of hair (unless your friend is rocking a pixie).
  22. This is the softest throw you will ever lay your hands on! Your friend won’t want to leave the couch.
  23. This pearl embellished beanie is totally on trend right now and really affordable. It comes in two colors!
  24. I have been wearing this shade of nail polish on repeat lately! It’s metallic and really festive, but still a great neutral for everyday wear. I’m also a big fan of this brand because it lasts me a full week without chipping!
  25. This neck scarf is 25% off right now! I think it’d be so cute styled with a cardigan.


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