A Complete and Honest Rothy’s Review

I’ve been singing the praises of my Rothy’s ever since I got my first pair back in 2018. I started out with their award-winning flat, The Point. Ever since then, my collection has grown and my Rothy’s have carried me, quite literally, all over the world. I decided I should take the time to introduce you to the styles I love, discuss sizing, and give you my full review!


In case you’re unfamiliar, Rothy’s is a San Fransisco-based shoe company founded in 2012. They create long-lasting and high-quality styles that are made out of recycled water bottles. They started with a few women’s styles and have expanded to men and kids styles as well as bags and accessories. The coolest part is that all of their products are machine washable!

I currently have 5 styles of Rothy’s, and I’ll plan to keep this post updated as my collection grows. All of them are listed below with sizing details and care instructions and general tips! I know searching for the perfect first pair can be overwhelming since there are so many options, but I hope this helps!

The Point

This was my very first pair of Rothy’s that I purchased during my residency in 2019! Since I worked in a hospital, I loved the idea of having washable shoes that I could essentially sanitize multiple times per week. I grabbed them in a light grey shade that’s no longer available, but there is a darker shade called “Pebble Grey” that’s available now as well as 15+ other colors and patterns.

One great thing about not only The Point, but also every other Rothy’s style is that they do not require and break-in time. They are comfortable straight out of the box. The Point is probably the least comfortable pair that I own, but only because they don’t have as much support as my other styles. They are truly a flat, so keep that in mind if you plan to do a lot of walking.

The fit of the point is SMALL. I would recommend going up a half size if you have narrow to medium width feet, and consider going up a whole size if you have wide feet. Part of the reason for this is that the toe box is also very narrow, more so than any of the other styles. I am normally a size 7, and the 7.5 works great for me!

Washing The Point is very simple. All you have to do is take the insoles out of each shoe, and pop the shoes and insoles into your washing machine. Remember that heat is your worst enemy when caring for your Rothy’s so be sure you wash them on a cold cycle and let them air dry. Most styles easily dry overnight!

The Slip-Ons

These were my 2nd Rothy’s purchase! I grabbed them just before our very first trip to Europe in 2019 with plans to wear them A LOT. I must have been feeling brave, because I grabbed them in Bright White. After several years of wearing them and lots of washes, I am proud to say they are still clean as ever! I really love this style, and it’s a great casual and comfortable shoe for weekends and travel.

They have an extra midsole underneath the usual insole which provides some extra support and cushion. I think it really helps improve the comfort of the shoe and makes them more ideal for walking long distances.

The Slip-Ons run very true to size, and I have them in a size 7.5. Washing them is similar to other styles, but has one extra step because of the midsole included. You’ll pop out the insoles like all the other styles, and put the midsoles to the side. Throw the shoes and insoles into the wash on cold (I cannot emphasize this enough) and wipe down the midsoles with a washcloth!

The Loafer

These were my next addition! I was in need of a new pair of black flats, but I wanted something a little different than the usual silhouette. I tried The Loafer on and they were like getting a hug on each foot. They are incredibly comfortable, and because they come up a little higher on the foot than The Point, they are ever so slightly more supportive. They are still a flat, however, so I wouldn’t recommend these for walking super long distances.

Sizing-wise, I’d recommend going up a half size or a whole size if you have wide feet. They really do hug your foot, so that’s why I think sizing up is best. Washing them is the exact same protocol as washing The Point.

The Lace Ups

When I bought these, I thought they were too cool for me. I really wanted a trendy, casual, lace up sneaker, but I wasn’t sure how to style them at the time. After some encouragement from my mom, I grabbed them! I had no idea they would become my most-worn pair. If you are traveling and planning to walk a lot, these are the pair I recommend! I have walked for 10+ miles a day, and they have worked out great. They are, by far, my most comfortable pair.

The Lace Ups do not have a midsole, but a really thick and cushioned insole. You’ll wash them like all the other styles, and you can leave the laces in. Because of the thicker fabric, they can take a little longer to try, but I just try to pop them in the wash one morning and give them a full 24 hours to air dry! I remember one instance in Switzerland where we were trodding through mushy snow, greasy side walks, and goodness knows what else. They had really been through the wringer, and they looked atrocious. I thought for sure, they were ruined. After spraying them down with dish soap and scrubbing out some tough spots with a soft-bristle toothbrush, they came out of the wash looking brand new!

They run true to size, so I’d go with your usual.

The Driver

If we’re doing superlatives, The Driver would definitely be “Most Likely to Get a Compliment”. I loved this style when I saw it in store, and I had to have it once I tried them on. They are very comfortable and can be dressed up more than some of my other pairs. I opted to get them in the shade Raspberry since all of my other Rothy’s are neutrals. They never fail to earn me a compliment or two when I’m out and about.

I’d recommend going up a half-size in the these just to ensure optimal comfort. They have a seam on the inside of the toe box that, if too small, could potentially make them uncomfortable.

Washing Tips

Like I mentioned above, it’s SUPER important to wash your Rothy’s on a cold cycle and let them air dry. If I need to spot clean, I use a soft bristle toothbrush and Dawn dish soap. It works every time! They normally dry pretty fast, but setting them next to a window where they can be in the sun really speeds things up.

Extra Tips + Final Thoughts

I really REALLY love my Rothy’s, and I hope that you do too! They’ve been great for both travel and work, and I often joke that I don’t know why I own other shoes because 99% of the time, you’ll find me in Rothy’s.

If you’re looking to purchase some, and you found this post helpful, I’d love for you to use my referral link to get $20 off your first pair! If sizing is a little off, you have 30 days to return or exchange an order, as long as they are unworn and unwashed. Is there a style I didn’t mention,? You can watch the Rothy’s sizing video here for some general tips and advice to make sure you get the perfect fit!

As always, thanks for reading along and shopping my links! It is truly a joy to share the things I love with this community, and I hope that you love them all too! If you have any other questions, feel free to comment below or send an e-mail, and I’d love to help.

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