What I’m Loving // May 2020

Hi friends! I feel like this month flew by, and it seems like just a few days ago that I was rounding up last month’s favorites, but here we are! (P.S. If you missed last month’s roundup of my in-the-moment favorites, you can see them here!)

May ending feels a little bittersweet, because it was my last Internal Medicine rotation at the hospital. I’ll be spending my next (and very last) month of residency working in our HIV clinic, so I’m a little sad to say goodbye to my days of rounding with my favorite team of physicians. On the bright side, I really enjoy working in the clinic because I get a lot of patient interaction. Talking with patients and getting to know them is one of my favorite parts of being a pharmacist.

Anyway, enough about life updates. Let’s get into the reason you’re here! Keep reading to see what I’m loving this month.

Leather Backpack

This cute little backpack hasn’t left my side since I took it out of the box. It is the Cleveland Backpack from American Leather Co., and it is going to be my go-to bag for the foreseeable future. The leather is buttery and oh-so-divine. I chose the color Butter Rum, because I felt like it would easily carry be through most seasons. The quality of this bag is incredible, and I know that it will be part of my wardrobe for many years to come. Check out their website to see all the styles and colors they offer! Their bags are a great option if you’re looking to invest in a high-quality leather bag.

Gold Wire Sunglasses

You’ve seen these sunnies SO MANY times over the last month on my feed, and that’s because I hardly take them off. They are lightweight and comfortable, plus, they look similar to the expensive trendy pair everyone has without costing and arm and a leg. I know several of you snagged these when I originally posted about them, and I’m so happy to hear you loved them too!

Cold Brew Coffee

Summer is quickly approaching, and lately the weather has been warm more often than not. That means it’s time to make the switch to cold brew coffee! I have been loving the Califia Farms Cold Brew, and the Blonde Roast is my favorite! It’s so smooth and refreshing, and I love it as an afternoon pick-me-up over ice with a splash of my favorite creamer. You can find it at most local grocery stores, but I get mine at Target or Sprouts!

No-Show Socks

I recently purged my sock drawer after realizing that most pairs had holes in them or were missing a friend… I grabbed these no-show socks on Amazon hoping they would work, and to my surprise they have been so great! They’re super soft and come with rubbery grips on the back of the heel to help them stay up! I have extremely narrow heels, and this is common problem for me, but these socks have stayed up all day at work and during our long walks in the evening.

Gainful Protein Powder

Gainful creates personalized protein powder mixes based on your specific goals and needs! I took a quiz on their website, and they formulated the perfect blend just for me! It’s a unique service, and it actually tastes good! I’m so picky about my protein powders because of the consistency, but these are smooth like a milkshake. I just mix mine up with 8 oz of unsweetened almond milk and drink up! It’s been a great and healthy way to break my fast each day.

One other thing I love about gainful is that you don’t have to commit to one flavor. The protein powder itself is unflavored, and you can add one of their flavor shots to each drink depending on what flavor you are craving that day! So far the chocolate peanut butter and caffe mocha are my favorites, BUT all of them are fantastic!

That’s all for this month’s list of random favorites! I hope you found something that brings you a little happiness. Stay tuned for next month!


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