Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary

Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary

Today Rob and I are celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary, and, to be honest, it snuck up on both of us. At first, I felt kind of guilty… But then I realized we have been so busy with all of the fun things going on in our lives! I am so grateful for everything we have been blessed with during our 2nd year of marriage. I’ve successfully managed to (almost) get through my first year of residency, we built our very first home, Rob moved into a position at his job that he loves, we adopted another cat, and we are currently planning some incredible trips!

Below are a few photos from our wedding! It was such a happy day, and I will forever cherish the memories we made. I still look down at my ring from time to time and find myself smiling just thinking about how lucky I am to have such a hardworking, selfless, and optimistic husband. He is my biggest cheerleader, but he also keeps me grounded. Anyway, enough of my mushy feelings. Please enjoy these photos!

Tonight we’ll be spending our evening enjoying dinner somewhere (Rob booked a reservation at an undisclosed location), and then probably rush home ASAP to get in our comfy clothes for a few episodes of the office before bed. We aren’t really into giving each other material items as gifts, and we usually agree on spending money on experiences we can create more memories together.

This brings me to my last point. I am so excited to share that exactly one month from today we will be landing in LONDON!!! We’ll be spending several days there, along with a few days in Paris! We have been dying to take a crack at our traveling bucket list, and these two cities will be BIG checkmarks. If you have any recommendations for either place, I would be so happy to hear them in the comments below! Thanks for reading my gushy post. Until next time, friends!

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